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Should you decorate for the holidays while listing your home?


As a Realtor, I get a lot of questions about home staging and curb appeal. It’s important for your home to have curb appeal when you’re planning on selling since the first photo on almost every listing is the front of the house. The exterior of a home is the buyer’s first impression and gives a preview of what to expect from the rest of the home. When it comes to the interior of a home you’ll want to decorate and arrange furniture in a way that accentuates the size and purpose of each room. Around the holiday season, the question changes to “should we decorate our home even though we plan on listing?” I say yes! Decorating your home for the holidays while it’s listed can help prospective buyers imagine what the home could look like during their own holiday celebrations.

A winter-themed tablescape in the dining room or kitchen can help buyers envision their own family gathering together for a holiday meal. If you keep the theme holiday neutral, like the below Winter Snowflake Tablescape courtesy of Corner of Plaid and Paisley, the table setting can remain the same all season long.

For holiday celebrations that include a Christmas tree, think about the placement. Avoid putting the tree in a place that feels intrusive such as hallways, doorways, and tight spaces. Consider placing the tree in a larger room against a wall or in a corner. You may even find downsizing your tree to a thinner version or tabletop tree can keep the cheer but skip the clutter.

If you’re looking to add some holiday cheer to your curb appeal focus on safety and accessibility. Avoid trip hazards by keeping your walkway and front door clear. Make sure your decorations don’t cover your house number as you want to be certain buyers can easily find your home when they arrive for their tour. A simple yet beautiful way to decorate your front door can be seen below; a festive wreath, garland, and a wooden sign can make a big impact. For a full tutorial on how to make the Joy sign check out’s blog post Christmas Porch Tour.

I hope these tips are useful whether you plan on listing this Winter or are just looking to spruce up your holiday decor game. It’s on my to-do list this weekend to make one of these cute wood signs for my front porch just because!

Feel free to reach out if you have more questions about curb appeal and staging I’d love to talk further and see how I can help.


Happy Holidays!

Katie Prendeville

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