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7 Moving-Day Hacks

Congratulations on your new home! It’s now time to prepare for Move-In Day. But before you panic with everything that needs to get done before the big day — I put together my top 7 moving-day hacks that are proven to help homeowners, like you, have a great move-in day.

  1. Schedule all your utilities — This detail, believe it or not, often gets forgotten. Schedule to turn on your water, electricity, and internet. You’ll be happy you did!
  2. Create a moving inventory — Open up an excel document and take note of each box and what’s in it. This way you can quickly find what you need when you need it most.
  3. First day essentials bin — Take your organization a step further and pack a separate bag with the essentials: Toothpaste, pajamas and toilet paper come to mind right away.
  4. Keep clothes on the hanger- No need to create more work for yourself. Wrap a garbage bag around your clothes that are already on hangers and hook them up in the new closets without a hassle.
  5. Vacuum seal jewelry- Avoid tangled-up jewelry by separately placing bracelets and long necklaces in a vacuum sealed plastic bag.
  6. Tape mirrors- Place blue painter’s tape across all your mirrors. This will help prevent mirrors from shattering. When you take the tape off the mirrors, use an oil-based liquid (olive oil for example) to rub the excess glue residue off the mirror.
  7. Label all chords — Before you throw tv and computer chords in a box, wrap scotch-tape around each set of chords and write where the chords go to — i.e. “computer extension cord” “Apple TV,” etc. If the chords are not too bulky, place them inside old toilet paper rolls to keep them separated.

Did these tips help? Let me know what other tricks you have to add to the list and for more hacks for your moving day feel free to contact me today!

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